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U.S. Health Delivery and Policy

The healthcare industry is always changing and growing—it can be a challenge to keep on top of the latest thinking and best practices. A strong understanding of the healthcare delivery system and relevant policies will keep your skills aligned with industry demands and your resume competitive in today’s marketplace.

For anyone seeking to enter the healthcare industry or expand upon their current knowledge of it, eRasmussen has created the U.S. Healthcare Delivery and Policy Professional Certificate—a non-degree, non-credit training course to add to your portfolio. 1

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Expand Your Awareness of Healthcare Delivery

In this Professional Certificate, knowledge of healthcare delivery is developed through in-depth analysis of the Healthcare systems of the U.S. and other developed countries. You will examine healthcare policy, ethics and laws and case studies from within different healthcare settings.

The U.S. Healthcare Delivery and Policy courses are designed to make you more confident as a healthcare professional by providing skills to analyze the various delivery systems and models used to address population health. By completing it, you will have the knowledge employers are looking for, giving you a competitive advantage in the healthcare landscape.


Evolve Your Career

Cultivate in-demand, relevant job skills quickly and increase your potential without an overwhelming investment of time or money.

Adapt to Evolving Systems

Learn how to analyze the various healthcare delivery systems and models needed to address population health needs.

Upskill Your Career

Employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 14% between 2018–2028. 2

Build Your Resume

Gain skills and knowledge to help prepare you for an in-demand field. Medical records and health information technician professions are projected to grow by 11% between 2018–2028. 3


What You Will Learn

  • COURSE 1

    Introduction to Healthcare Delivery Systems

    • Examine the historical development, present structure and future direction of the U.S. healthcare system
    • Conduct comparative analyses between the healthcare system in the U.S. and the healthcare systems of other developed nations
    • Examine the complexities facing the current healthcare delivery system
    • Gain insights into the various reimbursement methodologies, performance measurement tools and current resource allocation strategies.
    • Learn to identify critical challenges facing key stakeholders and articulate viable strategies for creating a more effective balance among health costs, access and quality
  • COURSE 2

    Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Laws

    • Analyze ethics and laws as they pertain to the development of health policy
    • Examine the fundamentals of various principles of healthcare law and the manner in which those principles intersect with ethics and health policy
    • Evaluate critical factors that influence policy decisions and reform efforts
    • Learn to articulate the impact of legal, ethical and policy challenges relative to private and public health systems, politics, interest groups, lobbyists and proposed reforms
    • Demonstrate your competency in identifying potential legal and ethical problems in different healthcare settings and propose appropriate solutions based on current guidelines
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Adapt to evolving healthcare systems.

Two Courses

Completing these courses will qualify you for the Professional Certificate. Show your proficiency by sharing your badges and certificate on your resume or LinkedIn®.4

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Affordable and Convenient

Affordable and Convenient

Engaging content using videos, images and interactive elements emphasize skill mastery; not just theory. Earning a Professional Certificate means quickly realizing the benefits of your new proficiencies with validated skill competencies to showcase on your resume.

Plus, all of the eRasmussen Professional Certificates are available to everyone with no costs or fees to help support our community of motivated learners.5

  • Career training that’s easy to manage

    • No cost to you 5
    • Cloud-based and available on your time
    • Six to eight hours is the average completion time per training 6
    • Easily digestible content units (45–90 minutes), including video, images and interactive elements that keep you engaged
    • Saves progress in real time, allowing you to stop and complete later

2 courses

$0 per course

100% online


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